Remember the Jumpstart Kids book signing event I mentioned last week?

Of course, I made sure to get an exclusive interview with the young aspiring social entrepreneurs.

Click HERE to hear from Natasha and Kale’a, two of the authors who wrote “How to be a good babysitter” during a two-week entrepreneurial summer camp to support Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

In the interview, the kids will share their favourite advice for young babysitters, how they came up with the topic and why they want to support Hong Kong Dog Rescue. We also find out who is the biggest book worm of the bunch.

You will also hear from Bernice Lee , aka “the handshake lady“, who stopped by to get her copy signed. During the summer camp, she introduced the kids to positive leadership traits. This is the blog post the kids wrote after the session with Ms Lee earlier this year. Listen and find out what makes a handshake perfect and why it is important for all of us to know.

(Social) Entrepreneurs out there, there is a lot we can learn from these kids. Their passion is contagious!

Who is next? The authors are busy signing their book

Hard work for a Friday evening. Well done, Jumpstart Kids!

I had such an amazing time being part of this book project for a good cause. I can’t wait to see what the kids will grow up to become.

“How to be a good babysitter” by Jumpstart Kids is a project run by Hong Kong’s Jumpstart Magazine. It is now on sale in Bookazine and Growhouse in Central. All proceeds will go to Hong Kong Dog Rescue